192.168.l.1192.168.l.l Netopia, 2Wire and Billion routers are common routers. These routers are used in many homes as networking devices. They use a common default IP address which is admin (not 192.168.l.1). Usually most of the new users of routers and general users who have not used routers or networking devices before do not know more about IP address. if you want to setup the router with your computer then open the packet of the routers where you will find device, a CD and a user manual. For the setup the device you need preconfigured CD.If it is wireless router then you should setup the device in the middle of the home. It is one way to secure your device. Another way to secure your internet connection is turn off when the device is not used. By chance if anyone knows your login detail then it would not be easy for them to get access.

To enter in the router or to use internet connection, an user must to use a IP address on the browser address bar that will let you to access to management console of the routers. An user must use (not 192.168.l.1) IP for Netopia, 2Wire and Billion routers. This is private IP address which cannot accessible from outside of home. If anyone uses public IP only then they any one can get access from outside.

Log in to the router using default IP is a matter of a minute, within in one or two minutes you can easily enter to the management console from login screen. Make sure that your PC is connected with routers properly and routers LED lights are showing correct indication. If everything is okay then put the IP on the browser (not 192.168.l.1) and putting default settings you enter in the console and update your firmware first. Now you can visit world through internet connection.