How To Change Wifi Password

In the event that you have to change your system name SSID secret word (Pre-Shared Key) or different Wireless settings,, for example, encryption parameters or channel and gadget settings, you can do as such by means of the WiFi-empowered Web modem online interface.

Vital: Your system name can likewise be known as a Remote System Name or SSID.

Imperative: Your WiFi password can likewise be known as a WPA Pre-Shared Key.

  • Sort in your program bar while associated with your WiFi-empowered Web modem (either specifically or by means of WiFi).
  • Enter the username and password to get into the settings of your WiFi-empowered Web modem.

Note: Your username and password are set up by you and your professional amid establishment and are not the same as the picked arrange name (SSID) and password you use to associate your gadgets to your Home WiFi. On the off chance that you don’t have the username and password for your WiFi-empowered Web modem, you can have a go at utilizing the default equipment settings found in the table beneath.

  • Select from the menu alternatives the pertinent area to roll out any improvements.

Note: You can likewise change configurable things, for example, security logins, encryption parameters, WiFi settings, and so on.

For extra guidelines on your WiFi-empowered Web modem, please observe your Equipment Client Guide found in My Record

Our Simple Interface Pack Guide for Web can likewise enable you to figure out where to find your system to name (SSID) and SSID password (Pre-Shared Key). Visit the Simple Interface Pack page to download the guide and afterward search for the “Associate with Home WiFi System” area.


Note: Router model is located on the sticker on the back of the router.

Router Brand

Login IP



3Com admin admin
Belkin admin admin
BenQ admin admin
D-Link admin admin
Digicom admin michelangelo
Digicom user password
Linksys admin admin
Netgear admin password
Sitecom sitecom admin
Thomson user user
US Robotics admin admin

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